Back in 2007 a couple of engineers from Danish Technical University got the idea to design and produce a safe winch for their paragliding club. Their focus circled promptly around electrical solutions. Back then, the flying community didnĀ“t really believe in the project until the next year, when the test day came along. The first tow ever made with this first electrical winch, towed the pilot safely up to 520 meters height on a 950 meters field with light head wind. That day, the first prototype of Simba Winch was born and it is still operating on the field out there.

The idea

After some years of happy flying with the club winch, the idea to produce a robust commercial solution of Simba winch and giving this pleasure to other paragliding enthusiasts and thermal chasers started in 2013.

On the top of all criteria, we wanted to deliver a winch which towed the pilot up in the safest way possible. It should be powerful enough to make towing with tandems and hang gliders as well. The tow capacity should be huge enough for paragliding clubs with plus 100 members. It needed to be maintenance-free and free of making mistakes and ruining ones great flying day. It should be mobile, so the club would not be forced to use one and same flying field, and finally an environmentally friendly solution.

All these criteria finally needed to be in a package which your club can afford to pay for.