Super safe and easy towing with constant line tension is managed, no matter if the pilot meets more head wind, thermals or tail wind on the way up!
In the back end, among others, a computer and several ultra-sophisticated algorithms provides a completely safe function of all sensors, transducers, operator dashboard and the motor drive. In the front end, the pilot just orders the wished line tension, and the winch operator adjusts the winch with one touch. In this way, human errors during the operation are eliminated entirely. Any kind of thermal movement, tail wind, head wind or wind shield, which pilot may face during the towing process, will be regulated for, fully automatically before the operator or the pilot even notice it. This means a completely constant and consistent line tension with auto-regulation of the speed and free of operator-induced mistakes!


Line reeling system

Efficient line reeling system results in precise reeling of the line while you tow up. On the way up the pilot will experience a much safer and relaxed towing and when you pull the line out for the next pilot, you will never experience tangled line and time killing problems. A precise line reeling enables Simba winch to perform ultra soft and safe step-towing. The precise reeling also multiplies the lifetime of the line on your Simba winch and you avoid troubleshooting mess in the tow line on a good flying day! The reeling system is designed to fit lines with different thickhesses and will reel your line perfectly, no matter the line tickness. A 100% frictionless reeling system means  also no wearing on the system itself!

Step towing is an easy job with Simba winch. No matter how long your flying field is, you can tow safely up to huge heights, using step towing. This type of towing requires that the motor and all mechanical parts of the winch operate smoothly and perfectly in step with each other and in such way that a smooth and problem-free delivery of the line is assured and any risk of line entanglements is eliminated completely during the whole operation.  In the back-end, sophisticated masterpiece engineering solutions make this happen and in the front-end, the pilot is just performing a safe step-towing while the winch operator is just an observer of the whole scene.

  1. Safe start with progresive line tension
  2. Tow op with constant line tension, regardless of wind & thermal conditions
  3. 180 degree turn with the line attached to the pilot
  4. Tailwind flying with constant low line tension and safe line delivery
  5. Turn toward the winch at maximum permited distance from the winch
  6. Getting maximum hight now
  7. Line release at the top of the step towing

Single touch Line cut System is a once in a life time useful function on Simba winch! During all our test flights, we have never been forced to use this function, as other safety precautions simply make this feature unnecessary in most cases. But it is a nice function to have and we know that one day, it will save a precious life of a pilot in trouble! A lot of effort is put into the design and functionality, so it can save life, when it finally is needed. Your safety as pilot is our first priority!


Line entrance is made in a way that safe reeling of the line is possible in up to +90 degrees from the longitudinal axis of the winch. No matter if the pilot drifts completely away to one side or overshoots over the winch before he releases the line, NO DANGEROUS situations has been reached yet! This feature together with many other safety precautions means that Simba winch is the perfekt choice to perform a very safe towing operation, even for true paragliding rookies!

Maintenance free system: Thanks to robust electrical system and carefully designed engineering masterpiece, you get maintenance-free operation in many years. You don’t need to change brake pads, discs & drums, maintain combustion engines, overhaul gearbox & clutch or be worried about overheated hydraulic systems on a mid-summer day. Simba winch tows you up each and every time!

All the mechanical parts are serially manufactured high end CNC-machined parts which have been through the proper material treatment and are ready for many years of operation in harsh outdoor environment anywhere around the world. All electronic parts are sealed properly to withstand high level of vibration and rough weather they may experience.

Modular built Simba winch means that you can build it up exactly according to your needs at each time! Do you need a single drum winch built in your trunk, so you can winch yourself and a group of friends up from anywhere? Simba is the right choice for you. Do you want a multi-drum winch for a big club with over 200 members, you can build it up as a 2, 3 or even several  independent tow units on the same mobile platform(car, pick up, trailer), with the same power source and able to operate simultaneously. Simba is the right choice for you. Simba is a small, intelligent, yet powerful beast in its nature!